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Private (staff) auctions

Organise a private staff auction for your employees

A merger, lack of space or the desire to purchase new works often incite companies to disperse (a part of) their collection. And since the dispersal of a collection requires a considerable amount of time and energy, Kunstveiling offers a dispersal service by way of its "Veilingmeester" accounts. In this process we fully relieve the consignor of the organization and care of dispersing his collection. As a result the consignor has a minimum of trouble and the works get a proper new destination.

Private (staff) auctions

Within this process, we also offer the possibility of organizing a private auction, such as a private staff auction or a charity auction. The online environment of the platform can be personlized to perfectly match the look-and-feel of the consignor. If certain works have remained unsold once the private auction has ended, they can then be auctioned on the public platform which allows Kunstveiling users to discover these works and participate in bidding.

Our service for private auctions includes

  • (Preliminary) valuation of the collection and auction estimates;
  • Transport by a specialized courier;
  • A platform with the consignor's look-and-feel to it;
  • A private online environment for those invited to participate;
  • Process guidance during the auction;
  • Logistical and financial arrangements
  • Potentially putting items up for auction on the public platform.

If you are interested in our dispersal service, private auctions or if you have any further questions, please contact Judith Konz. Even for a free quotation or advice.

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