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Private (staff) auction

Private (staff) auction

Do you want to sell your collection, and do you want to give your staff the first chance to buy the works of art? Or do you want to auction for charity? Then opt for a private (staff) auction via Kunstveiling! We have organized several private auctions for various types of organizations, large and small. Together with you, we set up your own auction environment with the desired look-and-feel to which only the people you wish to invite have access to.

Why organize an online staff auction?

There can be several reasons to sell (part of) your company collection. A move, a merger, or it's time to make way for new works of art on the wall. An online staff auction is the best way to give your staff, customers or other invitees the first opportunity to take over a work of art from your company collection. Organizing an online closed auction via Kunstveiling has many advantages: participating in the auction is easily accessible, even for people who are not familiar with auctions. In addition, the private auction can be arranged entirely according to your wishes in consultation. The prices for which the works of art are auctioned are also determined in consultation, so that your employees can obtain a beautiful work of art at very competitive prices.
The private auction is only visible and accessible to the people you have invited yourself via a separate closed domain. We can adapt this domain to your own house style, so that together we create a fun and exciting experience for your employees in a familiar environment. Will the artworks remain unsold after the auction? Then we can transfer the works to our public platform so that all members of Kunstveiling can bid and your objects are guaranteed to be sold.

Private auctions through Kunstveiling

A staff auction or private art auction is organized through our deaccessioning service. This means that all objects are brought to our location, photographed and described and then placed in the private auction. We also take care of the financial and logistical dealings with the buyers. You can read more about our deaccession service on this page.

Together with you we agree on the duration of the auction and when it ends. In the meantime you can inform the invitees about the auction through your own channels. It is of course also possible to place the objects in the private auction environment from your own location. We are also happy to help you with that!

What can I auction via Kunstveiling?

Only art and design from recognized creators can be offered on the regular open platform. In addition, a select group of sellers also sells jewellery en music records. The same principles apply to closed auctions as to the open platform. Are you unsure whether your objects can be auctioned via Kunstveiling? Then please contact us. We are happy to talk about the possibilities with you.

Would you like to know more or request a no-obligation quote?

Are you interested in organizing a private staff auction? Please contact Arthur Brouwers. Advice and quotations are free of charge and without any obligation!

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