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Buy Ben van Londen - landschap bij Rhenen? Bid from 40!
Buy Ben van Londen - landschap bij Rhenen? Bid from 40!
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  • Ben van Londen (1907-1987)
TypePrints (signed)
Period1945 to 1999
Dimensions20 cm x 19 cm (h x b)
Frame43 cm x 33 cm (h x b)
SignedHand signed
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It is not entirely clear whether this is a drawing or a lithograph. I'm betting on a lithograph, since the environment of the lithograph is lighter. There is no state or edition number. The lithograph comes from the inheritance of my father, who bought the artist's work on his studio boat in the old Rhine  , near Rhenen .

Work is behind glass in a wooden frame  and is completely intact.

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