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If you are unable to pick up an artwork yourself or if the artwork is too large for you to transport, you can hire a courier. Please note that we are referring to specialized couriers, not services like FedEx, DHL, etc. These major courier services require extensive packaging (if it's even possible). We recommend the couriers listed below, but of course, you are free to use your own courier.

Important: Always contact the seller first! Find out if they are able to receive a courier and at what time. Can they provide their own (light) packaging, such as a layer of bubble wrap? Only then can you make an informed choice for a courier service!

Swift is Your Courier for Art Auctions

Swift MEGA Logistics is a courier service with a nationwide network in the Netherlands and Belgium, specializing in the transportation of fragile goods. Swift provides transportation services for artworks at fixed, low rates in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Faites-vous livrer et récupérer vos articles Easy!

Easy2send est un service de courrier disposant d'un réseau couvrant à l'échelle internationale et spécialisé dans le transport d'œuvres d'art et d'antiquités. Avec Easy2send, il est également possible de faire emballer vos articles pour le transport de manière professionnelle. Parfois, c'est une exigence des vendeurs, mais c'est particulièrement important pour les expéditions internationales. De plus, vous avez la possibilité de souscrire une assurance pour les articles de grande valeur lors du transport.

Vraag direct je prijs aan!

Own Courier

Of course, it is also possible to engage your own courier. Engaging a courier is always the responsibility of the buyer. The above-mentioned parties are experienced and are known to us at Kunstveiling as careful and reliable.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase something directly from Kunstveiling (the auctioneer accounts), you must always schedule an appointment when using your own courier, just as you would if you were picking up the item yourself. This is not necessary for the courier services mentioned above, as they inform us.

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